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The people of Bali leave little offerings every day as I mentioned in my previous blog. 
Each compound calls for about 15 of them to surround the perimeter. The women here spend a great deal of time, money, and love hand crafting these offerings every single day. The baskets are weaved from coconut leaves. Each basket is filled with seven different types of fresh flowers as well as other various objects. The only time women get a break from this ritual is when they are menstruating. This is when they are considered "impure" and unfit for the job at the moment, in which case the man of the house takes over.
Some of the offerings are to appease the gods, while others are to fend off the demons. The Balinese believe in a yin-yang type of balance. Where good cannot thrive without evil. Fortune cannot be abundant without an equal dose misfortune, such is the circle of life. 
Meanwhile, I'm having the literal time of my life here in Bali. My first time out of the country, my honeymoon, everything is going more than perfect. I even thought to myself, "everything is good, too good. It feels off." 
Sure enough, I received some heartbreaking news that my dad is in the hospital with severe pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung. Heart instantly broken. It's crazy how one phone call can make everything crumble at the seams.
When I found out my dad was sick, I decided to take a day off from adventuring and practice some self care. Bali has more pampering pitstops than Seattle has Starbucks. On every corner there's a spa, yoga hale, or massage parlor.
I stopped into @thepracticebaliyoga and took a class. Afterwards my mind, body and soul were aligned and I felt peace again. 
I found peace in the belief that life is a balance and not all things can be good. I found peace in meditation and self care. Remaining positive is sometimes all we can do. 
When tragic things happen, and they teach us to cherish every moment. Life is fragile and precious and it won't let you forget it.
Admitting I am powerless over situations, people, places, and things helps me in all areas of my life. At the end of the day, everything will happen as it's meant to. I am grateful for these lessons of this life. Namaste. 

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