Paradise Found T

Paradise Found T

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I love this design so much, it was created by @ourgardencollective and collaborated onto my cover art for my single “Paradise” released last summer. 

To me, it resembles my song, my journey thorough darkness and struggle in my life. It represents the feeling of finally finding a place to call home.

Like when you’re driving off road and you finally pull onto the smooth pavement.

Like when your plane finally lands after a long flight. Like when you walk through your front door at the end of the day.

To me, that is paradise.

It doesn’t have to be tropical, it doesn’t even have to be a vacation. Paradise is inner peace. Paradise is home. Find it.

Shoutout to my graphic designer @ourgardencollective for creating 3 of the 4 t-shirt designs, my album cover (to be revealed soon) my logo, my event flyer & my stickers! 🎧🎵🖤 #victoriaprincemusic