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About "Heartstrings" :

Two things in this world have never failed to inspire me, heal me, and guide me to live my best life.
1. My heart
and 2. My guitar.

Every stage, every decade, every phase of our lives has a soundtrack.
Every relationship, friendship, or experience, has a song.
Music is a time machine we can hop into at any moment - just the intro of a little ditty can bring a smile to my face or tears to my eyes.

In my life, every string of my heart has been pulled and plucked and strummed, forcing me open only to reveal some of the greatest lessons of my time and the deepest songs of my soul.

And so, I present to you, my debut album “HEARTSTRINGS” It’s not all love songs, but life isn’t always rainbows and “Butterflies”

Sometimes we have to blast that breakup song and sing it at the top of your lungs. Sometimes we have to run away to an island in the middle of the sea in search of happiness in paradise and a place to chase your dreams.
Sometimes you have to deal with Mr. Right Now so you can appreciate your Mr. Right when he finally finds you.
And sometimes, you just have to admit that we’re all on a little rollercoaster of love and heartache. Good and bad. Ugly and beautiful. You can’t have one without the other.

Our hearts have many strings - you are the puppeteer. You have to pull the right ones, strum them a little, untangle them, and maybe even tie them up for awhile just so they can heal.

Heartstrings has been a journey and a dream. From my heart to yours, I really hope you enjoy it. ♥️

Producer/engineer - Jeff Bond
Photographer - Asia Yamanaka
Wardrobe - Coco + Lita
Graphic Design - Our Garden Collective

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"Gimme That" Single 

"Paradise" Single 

"Butterflies" Released May 5th, 2017

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